Finding test patients with comprehensive data (Observations / Encounters / Procedures)

I’m trying to pull down data from

Are there any known patient IDs that contain data for all (or most resources).

Looking for a patient with lots of appointments, observations etc.

Related to this is how to get all observations / appointments for a patient

For example this call that @mayfield.g.kev shared



return nothing other than the patient core data. Not sure if this is due to no matching data or wrong request.

Still not a lot of data but some of the previous hackathons added data aligned with GP Connect. These patients should exist on opentest spine, GP Connect and the CareConnect Reference Implementation.

This may be of interest (but it’s US and LOINC focused not SNOMED)

It does create a lot of data and the CCRI did accept data from synthea when I last tested it (a few months/year ago)

Thanks @mayfield.g.kev. Looks interesting. Are there any basic web frontends already set up for adding patient data to ? Looks good you can add as an ad-hoc endpoint to test queries which is great. It also has a way to add patient data vie the patient viewer althou seems to require $everything is supported.

Is it worth adding to known servers Server Query ?

I’ve got similar requirements for HL7v2 - need examples.

I did put some examples in GitHub - nhsconnect/careconnect-examples: Example code for the CareConnect API
It’s not that tidy but some of the modules contain xml and json FHIR examples, e.g. careconnect-examples/ccri-interopen-examples/src/main/resources at master · nhsconnect/careconnect-examples · GitHub