Files where VM's IP address is mentioned

In the document at GitHub - RippleOSI/Ripple-Stack-Vagrant-Docker: for docker & vagrant files to help with RippleOSI stack setup -check Qewd-Courier+HIT work for latest Docker setup, it advised to change the IP address of the VM to the one corresponds to the tester’s environment. The URL above links to a different site: GitHub - QEWD-Courier/Ripple-Qewd-MS: QEWDjs based - (NodeJS based)- Integration Middleware - microservices architecture . See /Qewd-Courier for latest version for an example that involves a file named: configuration.json.
There are 126 *.json files residing in the main ripple folder. I scanned 30+ .json files and found nothing that need to be changed. Can someone please inform me are there specific files beside configuration.json that VM’s IP address is mentioned?
Thanks in advance.

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Hi @sorcerer

I did the original work for Ripple as a freelance dev, but I’m not currently employed by them and haven’t had any involvement for some time. I’m not completely sure to what extent the scripts have been maintained, in a lot of them my commits are the most recent.

@tony.shannon @PhilBarrett may know more.

One of the problems I had with the many QEWD containers is the fact that there is this requirement for manually changing IP addresses in config files, which is tedious and unscalable. I was trying to engineer out this requirement where possible, but it’s still there. In my view this ‘wiring’ should all be handled automatically by infrastructure tools such as Docker, Vagrant, etc.

Note also that I think that these scripts do not use the latest version of EtherCIS, which can be found here - you need both ethercis-db and ethercis-server.

I no longer have commit access to any of these repos and am no longer active on the Ripple team, although I’m still in touch with them. Hopefully someone from the Ripple team will be along to help.