FHIR Questionnaires and LHC FHIR Tools

I’ve just come across a great tool for creating FHIR Questionnaire resources on FHIR Servers and then creating forms that can push FHIR QuestionnaireResponse resources into the same servers.

You can create a questionnaire resource using this tool https://lhcformbuilder.nlm.nih.gov/
The great thing is if the Questionnaire has a LOINC ( such as the Patient Activation Measure or Asthma Control Test) you can run an autocomplete search and it will load the whole questionnaire for you).

You can use this app LHC-Forms Questionnaire App to import your Questionnaire and save QuestionnaireResponses.

Just thought I’d share as I’d not come across it before.

One thought I’m wondering about is whether FHIR servers should need to have a LOINC Questionnaire stored before accepting LOINC QuestionnaireResponses or would it make sense that they validated any incoming LOINC QuestionnaireResponses against the LOINC server and autocreated LOINC Questionnaires that were valid?

They would need access to the data questionnaire to verify it.
Hapi and fhir validators can use the to verify questionnairereaponse