FHIR Observations, Observable Categories and Codes (Snomed) in Care Connect

Just trying to get my head around FHIR Observations. So a few random questions:

Q1. Would I be right in saying that where we have specific observation types:
E.g. CareConnect-BloodPressure-Observation-1

These are essentially identical to the generic observation API call but are being used for common use cases and are testing to ensure the right information is present? (e.g. at least systolic or diastolic pressure).

So even though it is asking for category it would have to be - Vital Signs?

Q2. If I was pushing a ‘Peak Flow’ observation - I would use Snomed Code 18491006?


And the Category would be Vital Signs?

Q3. Is there any way to get a list of snomed codes by Observable category - or at least more common ones? Also can I plug in a Snomed Code somewhere and get an Observable Category?

I have read Kevins observations on Observations - very helpful.

It does reinforce the idea for me - as I have brought up with both Kevin and Marcus that we could do with a layer that hides the complexity of FHIR from PHR developers who may be working with a few observation types (e.g blood pressure or peak flow), are driven by specific conditions and are limited by clearly defined Scopes. I’m still tweaking some ideas around this but will post a separate post for discussion soon.

Q1 I would say so.

I’m not sure on the use of category, I need some use cases to push my views. I’ve always searched on codes (this was mostly on READ based systems but would expect to do the same on SNOMED).

So if I had a Questionnaire question:

I would expect to search on code=http://snomed.info/sct|364881003 to retrieve the existing Observations

I did wonder if category should follow SNOMED hierarchy in some way, so it would allow me to retrieve codes belonging to groups e.g. for 364881003 which comes under this code Finding of functional performance and activity (finding) or even Functional finding (finding) giving a query like:

category=http://snomed.info/sct|248536006 (or 118228005)

On the last bit - finding category.

Possibly you could use this server https://ontoserver.dataproducts.nhs.uk/fhir (use this for instructions Ontoserver –)
I’ve only tried simple queries but I presume it must be possible to traverse SNOMED hierarchy to get to some resembling a category.