eRS endpoint certificate


appreciate your help on this,
recently got the certificate from NHS for eRs INT endpoint and it seems not working and getting the following error Untrusted Server Certificate Chain.

I have added the newly available rootca and subca into truststore as well

any thoughts?

The notes on this page shows what I did to get a spine certificate working

I may have the code for access the token from the smart card if you need that?

p.s. I knew it took around a week to get this all working, the API is pretty straight forward once you’ve got past all the tokens.

@Tharma did you get this working? we had the same issues and I think that the entire INT environment has some cert issues. We couldn’t resolve so moved to DEP instead - so development work continues on DEV3 and testing on DEP. You will need DEP finally as it contains the more complex test cases that are required.

Interested to know if you did finally get INT to work?

The SSL client uses its CustomTrustManager implementation (java) and validates the certificate chain. It was working fine after renewed the Spine certificate & rootca and subca the validation failed and the ssl
hand shake. We just turned off the validation and finally solved.