EMIS - Transfer of Care. Is it part of the record or a document?

We currently have a structured API to local EMIS practices. Which writes SNOMED coded problems, observations such as height, weight, BP, etc and diary entries into the medical record.

Scaling this out may be difficult (we use IM1) and are considering using Transfer of Care.

I understand this is treated as a document in TPP (we are also looking at IM1 for TPP) but does EMIS treat this as just a html document or does EMIS also populate the patients record with the coded problems, observations, etc?

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Would transfer of care be a messaging approach delivered through MESH?

Yes it does use MESH

My understanding is that it is a ‘document’ so any coding within will not file at the granular level. One thing to also check is whether your destination practices are setup for the TOC workflows. Try querying a practice code with the desired workflow id for example
If the practice is setup you will get a response showing the MESH mailbox ID of the practice

We’ve been looking at the GP Connect Send document which uses the workflow id of GPFED_CONSULT_REPORT. This workflow id does appear to be setup at all GP practice we have checked.


MESH document flows are not ideal but if we have to go down that route I’ll probably suggest using ketteringXML as it’s an easier format to use.
The irony here is we have structured, clinically coded records and support FHIR. I think if necessary (i.e. clinically important) I can get coded observations into the GP systems using HL7 v2 + MESH.

I know your frustration. We’ve been using NHS0002 Medrpt which will code at all observations on the patient record, but not SNOMED, only R2 and CTV3! Investigating alternatives…

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