EMIS server API access

Hey all,
I gained access as a Partner through IM1 a few weeks ago to develop against EMIS’s Partner API. I reached out to them last week but I’m yet to hear back… but I essentially have a couple basic questions and I’m wondering if anyone here knows the answers!

For the FileRecord endpoint, the “Partner API” documentation asks for an API key but I can’t seem to find where I’m meant to get this? Does anyone here know?

Also when accessing the API from the server, does everyone come up with their own solutions to wrap their SOAP/ITK messages with the appropriate hashing/signing ? I can’t seem to get it right and the constant error code of “-1” hasn’t helped me narrow anything down ! If there are any libraries floating about that would be great, I just don’t want to reinvent the wheel!

You should have been given a Partner API Test GUID
from EMIS, that is the apiKey.
This is for non IM1 access though.

Just to confuse matters, the current nomenclature that’s being used with us distinguishes the transactional APIs as follows:

  • API developed for GPSoC IM1, is referred to as IM1
  • EMIS Partner API, adopted into GPITF, is now referred to as IM1

It’s not especially helpful …