Docker build for Ripple OSI Demonstrator

Have added a module to the Ripple OSI build that creates an archive that can be used to start a set of Docker containers ; here’s a pull request with the code.

This reduces the lengthy instructions required to set a copy of the service up to three steps (after installing Docker and docker-compose)

  1. Unpack the tarball
  2. From the directory, as root, execute
    • MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD="choose_a_password" docker-compose up data
    • Wait for the terminal scrollback to stop (depends on your bandwidth)
    • <ctrl-C>
    • docker-compose up
      • Add -d to run as a service

How easy is it to work with Docker? We’re looking at it and I was wondering if it’s work turning that HAPI FHIR Server into a Docker container.

I got this going with less than a working day’s effort, essentially from scratch with a level of experience with Docker of having previously created one container.

The Tomcat layer was essentially

  • Take existing Tomcat container
  • Copy the WAR into it

The only real complications were

  • The instructions by default assume you’re putting all the processes on one machine - so you have to compensate for that by editing configs to use the container aliases
  • The application layer needs a lot of environment variables setting (which replace the Tomcat context)
  • The web app (like many of the new Web 2.0 things I have experimented with recently) wants to be the sole occupant of the root of a domain
    • This means you must add the Apache proxy layer on the top, even if you can just map the Tomcat HTTP port to port 80
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