Creating a live dasboard

Hi all, new to the site and coding in general so bear with me!
Does anybody have experience of building a live dashboard that shows on a website that pulls data from multiple sources?
This would pull from the appointment system, telephone system, online consulting figures, referral system.
What is involved/needed to do this?
I know that an IM1 would be needed, but the rest is a bit of a mystery to me!

Hi @methu_meddwl and welcome!

Dashboards are a common user need and so consequently there are already some good templates and tools for building them in various languages. I’ve just googled a bit and found this one, but there will be thousands of possible ways to build this. I’d recommend using a framework like Gatsby or React or something modern, lightweight, and ‘frontend-y’.

I am inferring that you are looking to build this in the NHS in Wales. Here’s where it gets a bit trickier. Getting anything you have personally built into active use in the NHS is quite hard without really good buy-in from the local IT teams. If they don’t like what you’re doing they can shut you down very easily.
Things have changed a lot since the days when GPs actually owned the hardware on their desktops and could do (within limits) whatever they wanted. Now the PCs are operated by the CCG/CSU and they are very protective over what you can install.

Don’t let me dissuade you though.

  • Build a simple proof of concept and learn through iterating that.
  • Be clear about the user need you are addressing. What/who is the dashboard for?
  • Share progress here in OHH
  • You may also find support on the Clinicians Who Code section of the Digital Health Networks (Digital Health Networks)
  • And similarly if you are a GP and an RCGP member and you would like to get involved in the RCGP Health Informatics Group you can join here - we’re always looking for new members. I’m the current Chair.

Thank you, this is great advice. Will take a look and see what I come up with.
As a novice, ignorance to the obstacles is sometimes a good thing!