COVID-19 Support?

Wondering if this forum can help in any way?

Some resources I’ve noticed over the last week or so.

Terminology - some details here appears their is not standard codes for tests at the mo???

Data Collection templates - seen this from @ian

Was thinking about path tests, reporting??? e.g I’ve a mocked up for NEWS2 Diagnostic Reports (and some artifacts for testing and implementing) HL7v2 and FHIR versions CARECONNECT-MESSAGING-R4\Diagnostic Reports - FHIR v4.0.1

Sick notes and Infection Control messages could be mocked and specified… a bit of work on infection control CARECONNECT-MESSAGING-R4\COVID-19 Service Request - XML Representation - FHIR v4.0.1
(Believe Sick notes come under Coverage )

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Do we have any examples of COVID-19 Path reports? (can you share?)

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Good stuff - I don’t have examples of the path reports but might be able to find some on

Have joined.

I’m rather shocked on some of the content on there. Well not the content, it’s a treasure trove of requirements…

Also a thread on INTEROPen Rvyer

A copy of my last comment - if a list of codes would be useful then please say so (if you do and have official lists of codes - can I have a copy):

I think we could start support at a more lower level. I’m thinking what codes and how to map between them?

I mocked up an IG this morning and included some codes I’m aware of.
INTEROPEN.COVID19\Artifacts Summary - FHIR v4.0.1
(Does anyone have ICD9, LOINC or ReadV3 codes?)

My main question, could that useful?

It’s possible we could get a minimal patient questionnaires (patient entered and also consultant collated). Maybe someone could start this in google sheets or excel? I can convert to a definition resource if needed.

Similarly, the risk assessment part. Would a minimal risk assessment be useful?

The last two parts could NHS 111 online and openEHR forms as a starting point. I’d lean more towards 11.

this forum does not support covid support, it is not here