Could you help maintain the code for our Covid clinic QR reader software (javascript)?

@drmikesmithdurham has helpfully made a small but brilliant piece of software which we’ve used to administer 50,000+ doses of covid vaccine at our LVS site - and we’re just one among many sites using his software

The programme simply takes a CSV file of patients from our booking system (Accubook) and translates each into an A4 sheet which we print before our clinic, meaning we can use QR readers to rapidly book in and vaccinate our patients (down to around 3mins per patient per vaccinator).

Unfortunately Mike’s run out of time to make the ongoing iterations needed to keep the software up to date, and I wondered if someone here might be able to help?

This makes a very real difference to our vaccine clinics!

Dr Chris Metcalfe - Belper PCN/Babington LVS

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Hi Chris, thanks for posting.

Hopefully someone from OHH will take on the project. Other avenues to try are:

  • Post the same exact request in the Clinicians Who Code section of the Digital Health Networks - that area has some people who are not on OHH but since they are all clinicians (in the NHS primarily) they will understand the use-case well.

  • You could approach AccuRx themselves for them to consider supporting this project, since it is essentially an open-source add-on for AccuBook. is who I usually contact. I can imagine they’ll be super busy, but they may be able to maintain the package or they might consider funding a maintainer.

  • Since the code is already on GitHub, the GitHub Sponsors system may come in handy for getting a range of stakeholders to ‘crowdsource’ contributions to the upkeep of this useful piece of software.

It would probably reassure the potential maintainer if had a feel for what updates were going to be required - so adding any problems, change requests, feature requests and similar to the Issues section on GitHub would be useful.

@drmikesmithdurham would you consider putting the code back in the main branch so it’s more clear what’s the current active development/release?

Thanks for the tips! I’ll try those avenues

@pacharanero Thanks for your tips - a post on Clinicians WHo Code/ Digital Health networks lead to a response from a research fellow from Peninsula medical school who linked with a company called who are kindly updating the code going forwards

Great stuff! It’s the power of these networks to connect people!