Coronavirus and my parents - Tech and Business Issues

My parents are just back from a holiday and it’s triggered another family IT/coronavirus series of support calls.

For several days we’ve been chasing one of the test providers and travel agents to ask where the PCR test is. In the mean time they’ve been performing LFT tests and recording the results (my mum records her own but my mum (or me and my brothers) have to record my dads).

Once recorded we can only check my mums record (we helped her get registered) and we presume my dads records are correct. Although my mum can use NHSApp, it’s normally easier to do this for her but that often means a visit (and most of us live over 70 miles away).

I’d presume we’re not the only ones with problems like this.

Can anything be done to make this easier?

I think what I’d like to be able to do is:

  • Have permission (central consent registry) to view the admin part of my parents records and record actions against it
  • Alternatively be able to subscribe to admin events (roughly appointment bookings and requests sent to my parents ). (The task to book a PCR test was missed by my parents.)

I’ve gone a bit technical with that but probably is long term modern technical solution (consent and subscription services which any supplier and provider could use).

This is modern and I’d presume not likely to be a quick solution. These solutions also need event feeds (notifications like SMS or Email notifications but structured), can anything be done to help standardise these to help future systems or to enable workarounds.
For example for appointment events we have well established and used HL7 v2 appointment event messages (a FHIR version should contain the same data, so an easy transform). We don’t have action/task/workflow standards but we are starting to see a standard: NHS Digital FHIR Implementation Guide

I feel we could start pushing the standardisation of event messages and these could be used as workarounds until consent and subscription services are available.