Code4Health and Ripple set a challenge at NHS Expo - 2nd September - Ripple OSI

It was a busy day for all yesterday and there was much interest in the work we are doing but we want to extend the opportunity for people to work with us. That’s why, in the final session of the day – held jointly with Code 4 Health – we set a challenge to app developers who understand the value of Open Source and understand its potential across health and social care.

There are a few details to finalise but, in essence the challenge involves:

  1. Mobile App development to support Patient Data Entry into smartphones / tablets to input Symptom checklist, basic Vital Signs (HR, BP, O2, Temp) and a Patient Reported Outcome measure.
  2. We will outline how this might work with basic simple mockups shortly and Code4Health will provide example code, documentation, data models and access to the Code4Health EHRScape platform to get developers started.
  3. Developers can code their apps in iOS/android/web app technology of their choice (but we are aiming for mobile/ tablet as target user devices).
  4. Code4Health will provide access to Code4Health EHRscape APIs for data entry and data review (e.g Vital sign graphing).
  5. RippleOSI will offer integration into the RippleOSI IDCR via dummy patients per app, to showcase integration into an Integrated Digital Care Record environment.
  6. RippleOSI will showcase population query in RippleOSI across Apps via a virtual ward.
  7. Winners/2nd/3rd prize will be judged by user experience, code review and overall innovation quality.
  8. The Winning solutions will be open sourced under a well recognised OS licence to a public github repo.

We plan to jointly announce winner at EHI Live on 3rd and 4th November in Birmingham.

If you are interested, please email, keep an eye on our twitter feed or check back on the website next week for more details including the prizes we are offering.

Ewan Davis @WoodcoteEwan announces the Ripple App challenge

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