clinFHIR with RLS and GP Connect

I’ve been looking for a FHIR client app to work with NHS national and trust demonstrators. I’d like to use clinFHIR
It’s recently been extended to include Encounters with a timeline (click on the patients details).

It doesn’t include Appointments, Compositions and DocumentReference which would be really useful with RLS and GP Connect for demonstrations.

My problem is I’m a CacheObjectScript/Java developer which means I can easily build a facade which allows clinFHIR to work with GPConnect demonstrator (and RLS) but I’m not too hot on AngularJS.
[Should have this facade ready next week, it’s already built working with GPConnect demo and our internal RLS mock up]. It handles the SecurityInterceptors running on the GPConnect demo and adds in a Swagger ServiceDescriptor]

Is this useful? Would anyone want to look at extending clinFHIR?