CareConnect FHIR API - Update Webex

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Hi Kevin, long time since we worked at Central Surrey! Hope you are well? I am at Southern Health now. Coming to the CareConnect party a bit late but are trusts using a data warehouse or live PAS to supply data to the API’s? Is there more information on how people are doing this and where they are trusts making use of these API’s as consumers as well as providers? We are not sure who is going to use them once we have implemented them!

I’ve posted the request on for a more detailed reply.

My own experience with api’s Like this has been from live PAS to answer queries from clinical portals and/or looking up data from integration engines.
I don’t see any reason why they can’t work with warehoused data - suspect many trusts would do this with clinical portals. I’ve connected HL7v2 feeds into (fhir) sql databases before, not exactly a warehouse but similar.