Cancer survivorship care plan smart card


Sorry if this question was repeated previously.
i am looking for advices from oncologies to digitalize cancer survivorship care plan and treatment plans for cancer survivors .

Basically, i have no idea regarding the workflow and what kind of procedures and treatments should be done on the app. and appreciate if anyone can volunteer to work with me.

My contact is,
Please let me know if there is anything you wish to help.

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Hi @Buraillc

  1. Have you been commissioned/paid to develop an app?
    If so, it is inappropriate for you to ask for ‘volunteers’ to help. This is complex and potentially high risk clinical informatics and healthcare domain specialist advice you are asking for.

  2. Have the commissioners of this app not given you any access to clinical advice or end users, to help design the app?

  3. Following the link to OncoLife, it looks like this is a fairly established and big-budget enterprise. So they should have a clear idea of the intended use of the app, its scope and feature set, intended user base, and a huge amount of detailed information about what does and does not get shown to the user. You need to ask your team for this information.

Hi, Thanks for replying!

with regard to 1,2, no its not paid job. I am developing this as a future product of my business.
Thus, if revenue starts being generated, i will pay some to them involved in the product.

I have checked OncoLife out already and been referring to it as well. however, this is web based and I think there is still a great deal of *room to improve .

Thanks anyway for your response.