Bluetooth Devices (mobile phone)

I thinking about writing an app to read data from my heart rate device I use for cycling (and if that works do the same for an spo2 device). The data will be send to a FHIR server (that’s the easy bit)

Has anyone looked into getting data from devices via bluetooth/BLE. It seems to be possible but I’ve not been able to find a simple description of the protocols involved.
It could be a simple as reading values (once I’ve established a connection - this part is documented).
I could get the data via Apple Healthkit but may be more complicated (and add in delay)

The overall plan is:

  1. collect data from device (on mobile)
  2. send to cloud server (will use FHIR server for this)
  3. Send to provider (PDF / Hl7 v2 or FHIR messaging)
    3a. Show 3 is legacy process and near real time data is available

There are some interesting resources about both from bluetooth SIG and some rather interesting chaps on twitter and via manufacturers (Nordic Thingy et al). Might be worth having a discussion on the initiative we’re working on if you are interested. Thoughts?

Cheers, may take you up on the offer. I should be at the (soon to be announced) INTEROPen Connectathon in November.

I found a number of articles on ios development (swift+ble), I’m going to work through them (after I’ve learned the basics of swift + ios development). I’m hoping to get an App running with heart rate monitoring (BLE) plus HealthKit integration working for the event.

Suggest you have a look at the nodric 52 thingy (that’s its name) it has many devices built in and configurable.
Also believe Texas instruments build similar, lots of work going on in this space in Bristol, Manchester academia etc.