Ambulance (Requirements) Hack

I’m currently working an Emergency Services project but while requirements are being gathered I was looking around at battlefield emergency care (I used to work on (MoD) Defence Health systems). I came up this Field Medical Card from Tactical Combat Casualty Care

It’s not the same as NHS ambulance care but I believe it’s related. e.g. I had already created the screen below ( and it has similarities.

So now I’m thinking I need to change this screen a little. Comparing the two images:

  1. Demographics and Problem - similar
  2. Injury - The body front and back isn’t required (this is more for battlefield injuries?? but I’ve heard of photo’s of accidents being sent to ED)
  3. Signs and Symptoms - It’s NEWS2
  4. Treatments - This is a pick list of procedures and a list of Medications Administered. (The list of medications available may be a standard formulary i.e. Drugs used by NEAS (Drugs formulary) - North East Ambulance Service - NHS Foundation Trust

This card when completed is handed over along with the patient to the role 2 hospital (i.e. ED). Which leads to an assumption, a NHS handover would have many similarities. So the information moving from Ambulance to ED includes (using FHIR resource names)

  1. Patient demographics
  2. List of Condition the problem being treated
  3. List of Observation
  4. List of Procedure
  5. List of MedicationAdministration
  6. Composition notes
  7. Encounter details

I’m ignoring the workflow around setting up the handover for now (I would see this as separate or at least loosely coupled), so this concentrates on the clinical handover element.

Does this sound correct? I’m after roughly correct at present so the idea can be presented and the data roughly correct.

Thanks in advance.

AACE recommend ATMIST-AMBO for structured handover.

Away at the moment but drop me a line as I have relevant experience… worth noting that military see high proportion of trauma whereas UK U&EC is dominated by medical patients.

thanks. Not heard of ATMIST (even though when looking at the military form above it’s also ATMIST :slight_smile: )