AIDE Clinical Review - Custom Viewer

One of the recent features delivered to AIDE post MVP has been the implementation of a custom DICOM viewer in the clinical review screen to replace the embedded viewers we initially used. This was done for a number of reasons:

  • Due to the embedded nature of the viewers, we had no way of knowing what the user was doing within the viewer and therefore the rest of the AIDE interface could not react accordingly, i.e. couldn’t load metadata as the user was scrolling the stack
  • When an error was thrown within the embedded viewer, the rest of the AIDE interface was unaware and therefore unable to react, i.e. failed to load a Dicom, didn’t like the format of a Dicom, etc.
  • We couldn’t fully integrate the viewer with the look & feel of the rest of interface, leaving a disjointed feel between the viewer and the rest of AIDE

Below is a video outlining the custom viewer and its features:

Any feedback is welcome, e.g. are there any additional tools that it would be useful to see implemented? (the viewer itself is built on top of conerstoneJs, which supports the implementation of these tools - Cornerstone Tools: Examples)


Thanks Dan! Very helpful VoiceOver too. Also welcome to the forums :slight_smile: