AIDE Application Store Designs

One of the next features that we’ll be working on in AIDE is the AI Application Store. This will comprise a central repository where applications are published and a storefront to allow Application Deployers in individual Trusts to browse the applications and start the approval & deployment process for an application.

Initial features will include:

  • A summary card representing each application, which contains key information
  • Searching applications by keyword
  • Sorting and filtering applications
  • Medical Specialty classification and filtering
  • Detailed Application Profile pages, containing information and file uploads to support approval and deployment
  • Application versioning
  • Dark Mode for low-light environments

We’d really welcome your thoughts for improving this in future iterations!

More designs to follow, due to a 1 image per post limit.

Application Store Landing Page:


Application Profile Page:


Dark theme:


@jamesteo one for you

Great first post Rob, welcome to the London AI Centre forum! The AI Application Store is an exciting feature to take AIDE to the next level! :+1:

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#Dark… Soothing…


I had to click on the Application Profile Page image on this post twice to get it full screen - then I could see the writing, images and icons clearly. Looks great :star_struck:


It really does look great!
Well done team :+1:

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Looks great. Are the pictures uploaded onto the App Store or are they templates? (I assume the developers upload their own picture/logo? Are there stock images they can choose from?)

@lucyoneill - yes, the developers will be able to upload an image for each application, but if they don’t, AIDE will assign a random stock image from a defined set.

This is yet to be finalised (we’re in the process of defining this now as part of Application Publishing), but that’s the current plan.

The images in these designs are just examples.

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they look great, for purely aesthetic reasons I LOVE that there’s a default image!

Hi Lucy - the images that are on here at the moment were all sourced from and are free to use!

We could perhaps add a ‘helpful hint’ within the Application Publishing section pointing App Devs to this resources.

Failing, that, we’re going to design some nice vector patterns that will be selected at random should a developer not upload an image.

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Great idea with the hint @john.stanyon. I’m not sure how we’ll navigate around the sizing and scaling issues though? Unsplash images are quite large and high resolution, there’s the issue of having multiple megabytes per image which would consume both disk space and impact loading times when browsing and also having massive images may require a crop tool of some sort so you can pick the part you want to be visible, or we just fill the image and potentially risk excluding the main part of the image.

it looks great!
For the ‘browse by medical specialties’ design - I wonder if there are specialties that have a very long name and go over more than one line? - you might want to try it out on the buttons to see how it would look…

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Hi Sigal - for the specialty buttons in the lower half of the first design (the big buttons), this includes all the specialties that AIDE will support to start with (in the application publishing journey).

Did you have any particular specialty in mind?

For the specialty ‘pills’ that appear on the individual application cards/tiles, we’ve allowed for a max of 5 per application and allowed them to wrap across 2 lines - we’ll check that this still works with the 5 longest specialties.

Many thanks,