About the NHS e-Referral Service Integration category

This section is for discussion and support for the NHS e-Referral Service APIs. The NHS e-Referral Service has released a range of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and Ecosystem resources to support third party solution integration. A key aspect of the NHS e-RS vision is to enable local innovation and adoption of paperless referrals. You can do this in a secure and controlled manner using our APIs. The APIs are a well-defined interface aiding new software solutions in a simple way.

We want to partner, stimulate and assist your development of applications linked to the NHS e-RS via the NHS Developer Network, available at https://developer.nhs.uk/apis

Thanks Marcus, for helping to set up this category. With the first e-RS API sites now live and with a healthy number of collaborative partnerships working through their compliance processes, we would very much like to hear what our community would like to see next and how our existing development and delivery activity can be further tailored to support the wider health and social care environment.

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No problem Paul and thanks for bringing your community to Open Health Hub!

How are we going to let the e-RS API users know where this discussion is? Is it on the documentation?


Nick Hay is our Integration Implementation Manager and will be working to stimulate dialogue with our users. There is now a link to this category from the NHS e-RS section of the NHS Developer Network - API Hub and we will include references to this in our future updates and newsletters.

Excellent. Is Nick Hay on this forum yet? I would presume he would need to be so he can see what sort of things the users are discussing? Happy to email him an invite if you provide email address.