Sending Documents to GP Practices via MESH


I have developed an interface to send Hospital documents such as discharge summaries to GP Practices through the MESH server.

I now need to understand how the GP Practices themselves will receive the documents from the MESH server. Most use EMIS. Is EMIS integrated with MESH and if so where can I get the technical information in regards to what format it is expecting to receive the document from MESH ie. Kettering XML?



This is currently being tested at the moment.

Hello @Abreen,

MESH is agnostic in terms of the messages it can transfer, it is solely the transfer mechanism.

In the case of discharges between hospitals and GP Practices:

  • MESH will support the transfer
  • The Transfer of Care Programme (at NHS Digital) is responsible for the definition of the business process and the definition of the message format, in this case it will be FIHR.
  • The delivery of support for this requirement will be managed by the programme via GPSoC with the supplier.
  • The supplier will then develop the capability and roll-out to its end user application.

More about the Transfer of Care Initiative can be found here: along with details about how to get in touch.

Hope this helps.


Yes, I understand that MESH is only the transportation mechanism. My interest lies in the document data format that the GP practice systems require when they download the document from the MESH server.

Should I contact the vendors directly?


Anthony Breen

I’d also suggest getting in touch with the Transfer of Care programme at NHS Digital as they may be able to help you further. Contact details are on the web page I posted. Thanks.

I’ll do that.

Thanks for your advice.

This is going to be technical.

The profiles for Transfer of Care Messages can be found here:
The main starting point for TOC messages would be the Composition profiles:


I tend to prefer looking at examples and they can be found via the link I posted earlier. This is a direct link to a EDIS for a ‘Richard Smith’ Richard Smith Discharge Summary Scenario | ITK3 eDischarge

If you want to see a rendered version, you can log into a early version of the clinical assurance tool (/document viewer).
Select search patient from the top left icon, then select Richard Smith and you should get this screen:

This tool is a technical view of the document to allow inspection of sections of the document.