PRSB Headings in machine-readable form - you're welcome!

I was in a meeting today and had a few spare minutes so I collated the .xlsx and .json versions of the PRSB headings in one repo to make them easier to obtain. Not sure if it will be of any use to anyone at this stage, but here you are.

I’d like to see if I can use these .json files to automatically create JSON Schema or even object models in a web framework or language. Or openEHR archetypes? Open to ideas/collaborations


Is their a consolidated list of headings?
I think a lot of headings/sections are repeated, definitely the resources are.

This thread is about creating the docs, Constructing e-Discharge Summary (FHIR) document any tool

I think a lot of this is boiler plate code, I’m uses resources that way. We’ve built once for care connect api, the code just grabs these and assembles then according to the ‘script’ and generates the narrative.

machine readable form - does it mean the format of it (e-discharge summary with PRSB heading) should be sent to MESH is .json or .xml ?

Content of FHIR Documents in transfer of care is always XML across MESH.

In this app, the PRSB docs are stored in a mongo database as Bson and the interactions are Json

They can be imported as Json but we’ve only tested with xml (as that’s how they are from MESH)
Example patients are
William Smith
Julie jones

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In java we use hapi libraries and JavaScript @types/fhir from npm.
Hoping to post on iOS/Mac swift soon…