Organization vs Location resources in A Hospital


The physical wards in a hospital can be mapped to Location resources. When it comes to Organization, it’s bit confusing ? is that the hospital itself maps to Organization or are there any department in the hospital that can be mapped to Organization Resource?


I noted this issue in this post Operational FHIR Encounter example

If you search for Leeds General Infirmary (works best in postman)

You get back of what I would see as a mix of Organisations and Locations.
Leeds Teaching Teaching Trust would probably treat RR801 as an department (so Organisation) and sub divide that into Locations.

I’m guessing Cambridge refer to LGI as an Organisation with this code

I’m not sure what Yorkshire Ambulance Service mean with this code.
I suspect this is used in this context: the ambulance is going to RX885 Location (this location should have managingOrganization of RR8 or RR801)

HL7v2 also has this issue which comes from etrust dataset (from Other NHS organisations - NHS Digital) being used as both Locations and Organizations. Majority of codes in this dataset appear to be Locations with a smaller number being (heavily) used as Organizations.

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