Help with how to use MESH to send a PDF to TPP's SystmOne Community Module

We are trying to send a PDF document via the MESH API to a district nursing unit using TPP’s SystmOne Community module. Thus far we have been unsuccessful and TPP are not forthcoming with any specification that might help us in terms of the format they need to process the file. If anyone has successfully sent a PDF to SystmOne via MESH and would be happy to share details please let me know.
Many thanks

Have you seen this guidance?
I’m not a MESH expert whatsoever, but I asked for you on Twitter and this was the response

Yes thanks so much for responding, we have seen this guidance and we know we are sending the file on the MESH infrastructure correctly, as we successfully use MESH for sending test results, but we don’t know what TPP needs the format to be to be able to process the file and they are not forthcoming with a specification, hence trying to find someone who has had success to see how they did it!

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I think the answer is Kettering XML.

It is not a NHS Digital project and I think links to the schema are in other posts on this forum.

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Thanks Kev we will give this a try.

Hi Kevin,

Would you willing to jump on a call with our dev team to talk through how you managed to send the document via MESH to S1 using Kettering XML?



Hi, Thariea, we have a commerical API service that allows your app to send to TPP S1 GP practices. The same service should work for Community TPP but I don’t believe TPP enable MESH for Community by default, but I could be wrong. You need Kettering over MESH to make this work.


Thanks Paul, I have messaged you on linked in