Getting HTML500 Calling API

I’m trying to call the API.
But I’m only getting a HTML 500 Server error returned.

I’ve tried calling the api in the APIs: Details - Digital Growth Charts API - Developer Portal website and externally in code and get the same response.

The other api work fine.
Is there something wrong with the method/or am I doing something wrong?

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Hi @stephensrft and thanks for the question.

This is our fault and I apologise profusely. The API docs are actually wrong - there’s a small issue with the autogeneration of the openAPI3 spec which we are working actively on - but this means that the current API spec doesn’t reflect the API server’s current setup.

The fix is simple though - please use

Only the last part is different. The POST body stays the same.

(The returned data can be cached as it doesn’t change - there are 4 measurement_methods and 2 sexes so only 8 possible returned data sets.)

You can use our Postman Collection for API reference - this is more up to date and is correct.

I’m guessing you are from Salford Royal Foundation Trust? Welcome to the Digital Growth Charts!

If you have any other issues do let us know - happy to do a call too to get your feedback.
Feel free to open issues on the relevant repository on

Still having no luck I’ve tried using the Postman collection to call

But still getting html 404 error.

See attached screenshot


Stephen Plant

Hi @stephensrft

Really sorry about this - this is a misconfiguration of our API management layer related to some changes to the openAPI3 spec. It’s not you, it’s us. We are on the case and aim to fix it in the next week. Is that going to cause unacceptable delay for you? I might be able to sort out another option for the interim if so.


@stephensrft apologies for the problem you have been experiencing. This should now be fixed with the latest server patch. I’ve tested using Postman and using the Dev portal and all seems to be working but let us know if you continue to experience issues