Welcome to the RCPCH Digital Growth Charts project forum. We’ll use this area to discuss the project with all who are interested. In particular we want to support those who are integrating the API into their products. Growth Charts are very, very complex and hopefully our platform takes away some of that complexity and makes things easier.

We would like to see automatically calculated child growth parameters available in all Personal Child Records, eRedBooks, GP Systems, and hospital EPRs. We’ve laid the foundations for this with the dGC project, but the hard work is still to come. This forum will provide an open support space with a community feel.

Getting started

If you’re new to the project then you can see the ‘main page’ which showcases the digital growth charts via our React client.

After that, what you do next will depend on what you want to do with Growth Charts (links coming soon)

Background information and blogs

We started a series of blogs to try to talk about the process of building the dGC and what we learned along the way. You can read them here: